Obsession Bows – Brand Film


Client: Obsession Bows Tasks: Camera Operator, Editor, Sound Deisgn, Drone Operator Description: The client wantd to highlight the passion and dedication of the small crew hand crafing their bows down in Georgia. We spent a week with their staff, cameras in hand, to really get the feel for who they were and what drove them.

PSE Archery – Evolve


Client: PSE Tasks: Camera Operator, Editor, Motion Graphics, Lighting, Sound Design Description: Shot in studio and in the field on a rented RED camera, the client wanted to showcase their new product in an edgy way. We weren't able to film during hunting season so we ended up creating a fake hunting scenario and matched [...]

Ferris State University – FiF Open


Client: Ferris State University Tasks: Camera Operator, Editor, Sound Design, Motion Graphics Description: For a student project I was tasked with creating the show open for Ferris in Focus, a magazine type show that would highlight programs, businesses, and individuals in the Big Rapids/Ferris State community.

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